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The Brightday Company


Amateur Drama Classes In London


 As an acting teacher, Catherine has witnessed over and over the incredible and transformative impact Drama has on people's lives. Whether privately or in class, she will give you tools to enable you to live life more confidently and connected, as well as working towards increasing your awareness of yourself and others.

  • Building confidence

  • Connection

  • Learning Acting Techniques

  • Using our imagination

  • Developing our Creativity

  • Developing a strong sense of the self/identity

  • Working on a speech (body language/ voice/ breathing/ public/private persona ).



In these evening classes, you will learn all about the craft of Acting. In a safe and fun atmosphere, you will explore acting techniques through improvisation, storytelling, bodywork, character work, and text.

Classes are followed by a drink to get to know each other.

Classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Please join me for this new class that will held one morning during the week. Drama for Seniors is designed to bring a sense of community and creativity which is so important for one's well-being. This class will take place according to demand.


Do you feel you lack confidence at work?
Is it hard for you to connect? Or do you need to prepare a speech and feel terrorized by the idea of speaking in front of people? Whatever your need is, Catherine will give you concrete and effective tools to help you speak confidently and deal with people with assurance.

Catherine has successfully taught business people over the years, whether privately or at the Central School of Speech and Drama (Business).

Catherine has more than 25 years of experience as an actress and 13 years as an acting teacher. Her experience as an actor combined with that of a teacher has given her the tools to get results fast but always in a nurturing, compassionate, and fun way. 

  Drama gives tools to live a better life and it is her wish to make it accessible to all.

"Catherine has been extremely professional and attentive: she managed to make us work together despite differences in culture and personality....looking forward to continuing this amazing experience". Mauro

"Coming to your classes has been the highlight of my weeks..." Iliana

"Really looking forward to the classes this fall and continuing to grow as an actor with the group you have helped establish" Jonathan

"Thank you very much not only for the amazing classes, for also creating this wonderful community" Ibrahim

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