The Brightday Company:
A journey to Empowerment


Empowering People Through Drama.

My aim and my mission are to provide each and every person with a safe, relaxed, and nurturing space where we will work on:

- Finding your identity and your sense of the self

- Building your confidence and finding your voice

- Connecting to your inner-self and to others

- Allowing yourself to focus on your body and your emotions

- Allowing yourself to have fun, laugh, and play.

Everyone is welcome. Allowing yourself to take the time for yourself is the beginning of your journey to a stronger, more confident, and empowered self.

I offer three different classes:

  1. EMPOWERED MUM (every Tuesday morning - bring your baby along): In these times of changes and transitions, we will work together to find your energy, to navigate through the changes in a confident and strong way, and to connect to yourself and to your baby. I include babies in most exercises. Babies up to 14 months.

  2. AMATEUR DRAMA CLASSES: EMPOWERING WOMEN THROUGH DRAMA (every Friday Morning): Classes open to all women that feel they need a helping hand to feel empowered and confident. So no matter your walk of life and your reason to be there, your journey begins here.

  3. AMATEUR DRAMA CLASSES (every Wednesday evening - opened to everyone - men and women). Join me for a fun drama class where you'll meet people, have fun, work on confidence and connection. In a convivial and creative atmosphere, we will learn acting techniques through games, improvisations, storytelling, and scene work. 

With more than 25 years of working as an actress and an acting teacher, I have witnessed over and over how drama can transform lives and empower people.


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